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We use polished parquet floor tiles which interlock to create a dancefloor specific to your needs. Don't be fooled by cheaper alternatives which utilise large boards. This is the professional PARQUET flooring used by marquee companies and hotels worldwide Listed below are some guide prices for popular size dancefloors but would remind you that any size is available.

Size Cost (Including Delivery, Setup & Collection)
10 X 10 £200
14 X 14 £275
16 X 16 £325
Other Approximately Area in Square Feet + £100 (eg 20'x20' = 400 sq ft = £400+£100 = £500)

NB: Regular customers familiar with the Setup procedure will receive discounts as we need only Deliver and Collect.

Further discounts can be obtained when more than one service is booked with Essential Entertainments, for example a dancefloor plus a disco is quite a common scenario.

Discounts are also available to customers who re book repeatedly.

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