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Thousands of songs to choose from from our regularly updated books. Sinatra to Shania, Englebert to Eminem There will definately be something for everyone. All Sound equipment is designed for pro use and is really too good for karaoke but we like it that way as it makes even the worst singers amongst us (editor included) sound reasonable. Shows can be hosted by one of our experienced presenters or you can simply hire the equipment yourself.

Karaoke Cost (Local) Cost (Distance)
Midweek From £120 From £160
Weekend From £150 From £200
Combined Karaoke / Disco Cost
Midweek From £150
Weekend From £180
Karaoke Equipment Hire Cost
Midweek From £150
Weekend From £180


What Do You Get ?


2 x EV SX200 Speakers, 1 x Powered Mixer or Power Amplifier c/w Stand Alone Mixer, Atleast 1 x Karaoke Player, 1 x Monitor TV,

Minimum Selection of 200 Karaoke CDs comprising a Minimum Of approximately 3000 Songs


All relevant cables, stands, pens, songbooks and request slips.

Optional Engineer to ensure the smooth running of the event.


The above prices are given as a guide and are based on regular work of up to 3 hours. Obviously the longer the duration the higher the fee. However, bear in mind our prices are open to negotiation as we are very much aware one job may vary greatly from another and as such it is necessary not to set our prices in stone but to leave some flexibility.


First time hirers should be aware that to get the best from karaoke equipment you need to know a little about sound technology. Whilst we will; deliver, set up, advise on correct use of equipment and collect, all included in our fee we suggest that first time hirers book the equipment with an engineer so as to maximise the enjoyment from the equipment. This is usually about £30 extra and will ofcourse free you up to simply concentrate on hosting the show without worrying about the technical side. If you expect to hire again in the future though, you should pay close attention to the work of the engineer and how the equipment needs to be set up so that next time you hire it will be cheaper for you as you will be unlikely to need an engineer.